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I used NICAR's "Extra! Extra!" to find a Reuters story about Amazon Corporation's "billion-dollar tax shield."

The story was done by examining accounts filed by 25 Amazon units in six countries. The accounts show how the company has avoided paying more tax in the United States. Amazon used inter-company payments to form a tax shield behind which it has accumulated approximately $2 billion.

The IRS announced last year that it would seek $1.5 billion in back taxes from Amazon.

Writing this article would require a great deal of tax knowledge. The article explains certain aspects of tax policy in depth in order to help readers understand what Amazon has been doing.

I'm guessing the reporter used federal transparency laws to request access to related IRS records.

I think the story could have been done better if Reuters had used interactive graphics or other online tools. I found the story quite heavy and would have appreciated something to make it more readable.

A timeline of events might be useful in this story.

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