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The authors of the Minnesota Daily story about the stabbing on Como Ave. last Monday used three different sources: the police, a witness and a spokeswoman for Hennepin County Medical Center.
Each of the three sources are named and are scattered throughout the story. The story consists of ten paragraphs, and seven of them contain a reference to a source. All except for one of the references are quotes from people who are named, the other being "police said," which is either a reference to the police report, or to the officer who is named in the story.
The attributions to the officer and the spokeswoman for HCMC come after their contributions are given, with their names preceded by their titles, while the witness (Tim Kvernen) is referenced without an introduction.
The attributions are effective, although I feel that seven references is a few too many. The officer's contributions could have been grouped together, as could have the witness'. It looks right, and the attributions come from good, named sources, but seeing a person's name repeated over and over again comes off as redundant to me.

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