Death at the Workplace in Minneapolis

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A Minneapolis man who had been fired from his job at a sign-making company earlier in the day, returned and opened fire, killing six including himself on Thursday afternoon, the LA Times reports.
Andrew J. Engeldinger, 36, has been identified as the gunman, police said. At around 4:25 p.m., he walked into the loading dock area of Accent Signage Systems Inc. and began shooting people.
Among those killed were the owner of the company, Reuven Rahamim and a UPS driver who appeared to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, police said.
Engeldinger had worked for the company since the late 1990s, and had been informed earlier in the day that he no longer had a job, the Star Tribune reports. He was described as a loner by coworkers and neighbors and appears to have suffered with mental illness of some sort, according to the report.
This is the largest workplace massacre in recent Minnesota history, according to the Star Tribune.

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