Analysis: Function of multimedia in news reporting

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CNN and The New York Times utilize a number of different multimedia platforms on their websites.
Many of CNN's articles are accompanied with a slideshow featuring several photographs of the subject of the story, along with a brief caption to each. They also have videos to go along with most of the articles, often short clips which were aired on their network.
The multimedia complements the article- the slideshow is often above the story, and the video is to the side on the webpage. It seems to be the format for this news organization to include multiple platforms on a single page.
Additional multimedia options offered by this website include a large video section, with short clips of the day's top stories, accompanied with one sentence captions; several different channels with featured journalists and television personalities, with a 1-2 sentence caption of the main topics; and the option to watch CNN live if you are a subscriber. This site combines the news article, video and slideshows very effectively, though the pages tend to be a bit cluttered.
In addition to the written story, the captions which accompany the slideshow often provide a background to the person in the story and more of a "human" spin on the news. The videos speak for themselves and are accompanied with a caption that tells the reader what it is about. The site also offers pod casts.
The New York Times uses many of the same techniques as CNN, but they differ in a few ways as well. The organization of the news on the website is a little different, in that the videos, slideshows and news articles are generally separate entities, as opposed to all being on the same page. The multimedia stories act independently and are accompanied with a link to a related news article. The writing for the slideshows moves the story along and gives perspectives from many angles.
The New York Times has a number of interactive features on its website that set it apart. One of these is a presidential debate feature which provides play-by-play analysis and fact checks on key/controversial statements made by the candidates.
Another interactive political feature breaks down the candidates budget proposals in a graph in which the viewer can drag his/her mouse over a particular section for a detailed explanation.
The site has many more interactive features that provide different and interesting perspectives on news topics. The surface writing that goes along with these features is generally minimal- it is presented in a visual manner. However, further explanation is often available and can be retrieved easily on the site.

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