Analysis: Obama "Romnesia" Speech

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CNN's Kevin Liptak published a story about a speech President Barack Obama gave on Friday at a rally in Virginia. Liptak chose to craft his story around the "condition" Obama has dubbed "Romnesia," a sort of flip-flopping condition that he alleges his opponent suffers from. The author cites numerous quotes from the speech in which Obama accuses Mitt Romney of changing his position on issues in an attempt to gain a wider appeal.
The lead of the story is two paragraphs, which cover the elements of newsworthiness present in the story, and summarize the President's agenda within its context. He cites the specific areas in which Obama attacks his opponent, and in doing so accomplishes the goal of writing a solid lead- the reader is intrigued to continue reading on, but could also stop reading at this point and know what the speech/story was about.
The author uses the quote-support model for the body of the speech. Following each statement, a sentence or two of background information is given. Much of the content the author quotes was delivered in a comic tone by the president in regards to his "Romnesia" claim. Obama uses the "...then you might be a redneck (Jeff Foxworthy)" formula when referencing "Romnesia," while the author elaborates with further context on the inconsistent stances for which the republican candidate is charged.
It seems that the author has chosen certain comical quotes to emphasize the comical atmosphere that is the political circus which accompanies these elections every four years. The reporter does a fine job in clarifying with ample detail the issues presented in this speech, and in doing so, provides the reader with some useful information as he/she continues to follow the campaign. The event covered is part of a much larger event that will take place in a few weeks, and the reporter synthesizes the past and future nicely with the present event at hand.

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