Analysis: Syria/Turkey Conflict

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I have been following the conflict between Syria and Turkey for the past several days. On Wednesday The Wall Street Journal reported that the two nations had exchanged air strikes. A Turkish border village was struck by a mortar shell from Syria. Turkey quickly responded. This was the lead to the story, and the rest of the story provided details about the attacks and the relationship between the two countries. The next day it was reported that the Turkish government had authorized military action against Syria for up to a year following the previous days' attack. The next paragraph explained the reasons for the decision, and basically re-stated the lead from Wednesday.
In an ongoing story like this, the most recent events are what makes the leads of stories, and the following paragraphs generally restate previous leads and provide background information. The first story I read broke the news, and the second one advanced the story by providing details about the consequences of the events in the first.

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