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A feature story published by the Baltimore Sun last week highlights the ten year anniversary of the Howard County Muslim Council. The group was the first of its kind in Maryland, and its objective from the start has been to present the true image of Islam and to encourage Muslims to become involved in their communities. The author of the story makes mention to the fact that the group was founded while the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were fresh in the public's mind. He also mentions the group's goal of attaining equality for Muslims within the community. These are the only instances in which stereotyping is referenced, and the reporter presents the many areas in which the group has flourished and benefited the community over the past ten years as a way of moving past the stereotype.
The reporter's sources include two senators from Maryland, the founder of the council, the council's current president, and a member of the group. Senator Jim Robey was one of the first officials to meet with Anwer Hasan (founder of the council) to discuss the formation of the group ten years ago. He praised the council for following through with their objective. The other senator, Allan Kittleman, acknowledged the positive impact that the council has had on the community as a whole.
This story about a movement to empower local Muslims to get involved in their communities rarely makes mention of stereotypes associated with the group. Instead, it highlights the contributions that a particular cultural group has made to a community.

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