Analysis: The uncomfortable truth about American wages

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In this article, the author used sets of data produced over the past four decades to analyze trends in earnings among Americans. The data shows that there has been decline in wages (adjusted for inflation) since 1970, especially for male workers. Unemployment and other factors have contributed to this.
The connection between higher wages and education is also featured in the article, and the data that the author presents shows that the percentage of males with a college degree has barely increased in the past 30 years, while the percentage of females with a degree has grown rapidly, surpassing the percentage of males in the 1990s.
The data that the author uses was gathered from the US Census, and is presented in graphs which illustrate the trends that have emerged in earnings and education among Americans ages 25-64. These graphs are very useful and help the reader to understand the trends that the author is writing about. The earnings are adjusted to coincide with the value of the dollar in 2010, which makes the stagnated standard of living for American workers over the past 40 years clear.
The author of the story is the director of the Hamilton project, which produced the study. The only computer skill required in this article is the ability to produce a graph which shows trends over time. The graphs allow the reader to get the gist of the story by simply examining them. There are also links within the story that the reader can click on if he wants to learn more about these trends.

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