Line of Mac computers to be produced in the US next year

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The CEO of Apple has announced that the company will invest more than $100 million to bring production of Mac computers to the United States next year, the Wall Street Journal said.
Chief executive Tim Cook has expressed the desire to focus some of the company's production domestically, as Apple and other computer companies have come under scrutiny in recent years for outsourcing the production of their products to Asia.
Additional criticism has come this year regarding the working conditions in Asian factories where Apple's products are produced, AP reported.
In an interview with NBC, Cook said that the reason that Apple's products are assembled overseas is not because of the lower costs associated with outsourcing, but because the skills required to produce his company's products are not present in America anymore, AP said.
It is not clear which products will be a part of this investment into domestic manufacturing, but Cook has made this a priority for the company in 2013.

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