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Line of Mac computers to be produced in the US next year

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The CEO of Apple has announced that the company will invest more than $100 million to bring production of Mac computers to the United States next year, the Wall Street Journal said.
Chief executive Tim Cook has expressed the desire to focus some of the company's production domestically, as Apple and other computer companies have come under scrutiny in recent years for outsourcing the production of their products to Asia.
Additional criticism has come this year regarding the working conditions in Asian factories where Apple's products are produced, AP reported.
In an interview with NBC, Cook said that the reason that Apple's products are assembled overseas is not because of the lower costs associated with outsourcing, but because the skills required to produce his company's products are not present in America anymore, AP said.
It is not clear which products will be a part of this investment into domestic manufacturing, but Cook has made this a priority for the company in 2013.

Fiscal cliff talks remain at a stalemate

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Congress remains at a standstill as time is running out to come to an agreement about what to do about the tax increases set to kick in at the end of the year, CNN reported.
The "fiscal cliff" is fast-approaching, and with it comes an estimated $7 trillion worth of tax increases and spending cuts over the next decade, according to CNN.
Among the issues being debated is the Bush tax cuts for top incomes, which Treasury Secretary Timothy Giethner says "must go."
Policy makers have been unable to come up with a compromise to avoid a possible recession which would require the government to raise federal debt ceiling from its current level of over $16 trillion.
House Speaker John Bohner has confirmed that the negotiations have "gone nowhere" but that republicans are willing to agree to tax increases by closing tax breaks, but not by raising taxes, the Wall Street Journal reported.
Officials hope to come to an agreement before the Jan. 2 deadline.

Hostess to close

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The company behind Wonder Bread and Twinkies is set to close down, following a failed attempt to cut the wages and benefits of its bakery workers, the New York Times reports.
The company announced on Friday that it is asking a federal court for permission to close operations. If Hostess closes, nearly 18,500 workers will lose their jobs, CNN reports.
Hostess will likely sell their assets, which would mean that some of their products could continue to be produced.
A baker's strike has prompted the closing of the iconic company. Hostess had given the baker's union a deadline of 5 p.m. on Thursday to return to work or face a shutdown of the company, CNN reported.
A new contract which would have cut the worker's wages and benefits was rejected by the union in September.

CIA Director David Petraeus resigns

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David Patraeus, a four-star general who led U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, has submitted his resignation as CIA Director after admitting to an extra-marital affair, AP reports.
President Barack Obama accepted Patraeus' resignation on Friday.
The former head of the U.S. Central Command had been carrying on an affair with Paula Broadwell, his biographer, according to U.S. officials.
The officials said that Broadwell may have had access to Petraeus' personal email account. The FBI launched an investigation after Broadwell allegedly emailed several government officials, FOX News said.
Michael Morell, the Deputy Director of the CIA, will take over Patraeus' role as CIA Director, a position which Patraeus was appointed to last year.
The resignation comes days before Patraeus was to testify at congressional hearings regarding the attack at the U.S Consulate in Libya. The CIA has been scrutinized for their reaction to the attack. Patraeus will no longer need to testify at the hearings.

Barack Obama elected to second term

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After months of campaigning, President Barack Obama won his bid for re-election, defeating Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the Minnesota Daily reports.
Obama secured four more years in the White House by winning the electoral college by a significant margin: 303-206. However, he edged out Romney by only 2 percent in the popular vote, proof of just how divided the country remains over his leadership, the New York Times said.
The Associated Press announced Obama as the winner at approximately 10:40 p.m. Central Standard Time.
The election did little to change the political makeup of Washington, as Republicans maintained control of the House of Representatives, and Democrats retained the Senate.
About $6 billion was spent by the two major parties this election season. Ultimately, the two "fought to a standstill," the New York Times said.

A massive tropical cyclone hit the shores of the East Coast Monday evening and brought with it a wide swath of devastation.
The former hurricane and current "superstorm" Sandy reached the shores of New Jersey shortly before 6 p.m. The storm system has since spread to more than a dozen states.
At least 48 deaths have been reported as of Tuesday night. More than 8 million people are without power, including more than 2 million in New York, AP reports.
Seven subway tunnels in New York City are under water, suffering damage like never before, and remain closed indefinitely.
Floods, fires and fallen trees have paralyzed streets and destroyed homes all along the coast, with the harshest effects felt in the highly populated areas of New York and New Jersey.
The New York Stock Exchange was closed on Monday and Tuesday, the first time it has been closed on consecutive days since 1888, according to the New York Times.
Sandy is the largest tropical storm on record, the Washington Post reports.
Areas along the coast remain evacuated and severe weather warning throughout the region remain in effect.

A nanny who allegedly killed two children with a knife on Thursday was suffering from several emotional problems, Fox News reports.
Yoselyn Ortega, 50, is in critical condition after stabbing herself several times with the knife she allegedly used to kill two children that she was caring for in the Upper West Side are New York on Thursday.
Investigators have been unable to question Ortega, but it has been revealed that she sought psychiatric help earlier this year.
The killings came as a shock to the family, who spoke highly of Ortega.

Obama, Romney face off in final presidential debate

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President Barack Obama and republican challenger Mitt Romney faced off in the third and final presidential debate on Monday at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla.
The focus of the debate was on foreign policy, and the candidates discussed their stances primarily on Middle East issues, as well as trade with China.
The two agreed on several of the key issues, including the handling of Iran's nuclear program, protecting Israel, what to do about the Syria crisis, and holding China accountable. The execution of taking action on these issues is where the two clashed, Newsday reports.
Obama repeatedly championed the accomplishments of the military under his administration, citing the end of the Iraq conflict and the death of Osama bin Laden, while Romney attacked the president for his lack of urgency regarding the pending nuclear threat posed by Iran and other volatile issues in the Middle East. Both candidates had harsh words directed towards Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Romney even pledged to indict him on charges of war crimes if elected president, a claim which may have been promising too much, according to a report by CBS.
Ultimately, the two each made their case for why he would be the stronger leader for the country moving forward.

A 21-year-old man has been arrested following an FBI sting operation, in which he attempted to blow up a fake car bomb outside of the Federal Reserve building in New York City on Wednesday, CBS reports.
It is alleged that Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis, a student from Bangladesh, came to the United States earlier this year with a mission to commit an act of terror.
Undercover agents had been "working" with Nafis since the summer on a plot to blow up the Federal Reserve building in Manhattan.
On Wednesday morning, Nafis and an undercover agent loaded up a van with fake explosives and parked it outside of bank, the New York Post said.
The suspect then attempted to detonate the explosives with his cellphone, at which time he was arrested.

The search for Elizabeth Marriott, a New Hampshire college student who has been missing since Tuesday, has been temporarily called off, the Boston Globe said.
Police have a man in custody who they believe is responsible for the incident.
Seth J. Mazzaglia, 29, was charged on Saturday with one count of 2nd degree murder and will appear in court on Monday.
Marriott is believed to be dead, and tips have led investigators to the area around Peirce Island in Portsmouth, N. H.
No further details have come out regarding the suspect's relationship with Marriott, according to AP.

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