You want a second wave? Here's a second wave of my FOOT UP YOUR ASS

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Not going to lie, nothing makes me rage harder than feminist transphobia (except maybe Twilight, but that's another rant for another time). I was seriously fuming while reading the section in the trans history chapter about second-wave feminist transphobia. To me it is Super Hypocrisy Technology 100%. How can one make the argument that trans people are "dupes" of the sex/gender system for transitioning from one sex to the other, as if these feminists were themselves not "dupes" for arguing that what makes a ~woman~ is the ability to reproduce, or possessing a uterus. How is the second-wave fad of androgyny -- and ONLY androgyny will make you a REAL feminist/lesbian -- no more oppressive than mainstream heteronormative gender presentations as the ONLY proper way to be gendered? It also just doesn't make any goddamned sense to criticize transwomen in particular for "raping" the ~women only spaces~ with their supposed male privilege. Excuse me? It's not like transwomen before transitioning are lounging around in their golden castles of opulence, being served fancy ham rolls by scantily-clad women while their butlers count their wads of cash and make lists of all the ways they're receiving male pleasure. No. Transwomen are disproportionately below the poverty line, unemployed, discriminated against, violently attacked, and have higher instances of AIDS/HIV. So you want to say that transwomen are going to ruin the woman-only party because they don't know the oppression and ~suffering~ of women. Oh yeah? Well I say you don't know the oppression and real suffering of transpeople, which they face not only from general society, but apparently also from you, the only place they thought they might be able to turn to.

So, fine. Have your ~Women Only Spaces.~ I'm going over here to make my ~Not A Stupid Idiot Transphobic Bigot Only Space.~

... I'm working on it. I'll think of a better name when I stop raging so hard I can't think.

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You go girl! Rage it out. But, I warn you you are infectious and now I must exemplify the rage which is now transplanted in me.
I'll join your group -even with a shitty name at best.
The spaces we create in order progress the feminist movement, should not condemn or exclude trans. I think it is absolutely ridiculous! How on earth can a group of feminists tighten there reigns as to keep people in or out?
I read an article similar to this before (one that talked of women needing to create the spheres or private groups in which they can talk about current/past events as to make political impact or just to become further enlightened...)
Well, basically the article though a bit less crude went onto say that no MEN could be in there circle as the language and order of power would be altered. I guess this goes along the same lines as not allowing trans into the sphere. BUT, seriously WHAT THE HELL right?? androgyny can not be the only way in which society or feminists make sense of what it really means to be women.
Are women not all different any way?
Do women trans or not have different contexts in which they have been able to recognize themselves as female biologically as sex or as gender.
I'm rambling it just seems the bigger picture is being dismissed when transwomen are not seen as real women.
What is a real women??
Is it my cunt? My pussy?
I don't think so. Seems to simple.
What is women? What makes a women less of a women?

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