From Websites to Wal-Mart


The article "From Website to Wal-Mart: Youth, Identity Work, and the Queering of Boundary Publics in Small Town, USA" by Mary L. Gray talks about how homosexual people who are living in rural areas have limited places to hang out. The article also explains two examples of the places that those people could gather and spend some time.

I agreed with the author's idea of having the ideal places for homosexual people especially in rural areas. People should work harder to create the places that are physically comfortable places for homosexual people that they can hang out without any resistants and also are psychologically comfortable places that they do not have any limitations of having different sexual, "economic, political, social, cultural, religious, legal, and artistic" standards (Gray 52).

The first example that Gray explains is about AJ, who is a female-to-male transgender. AJ got a sex reassignment surgery and created the website to give the information about the surgery and create a place for the people to share their experience for free. I believe the website allows those issues to connect to public and the world. It also allows for the homosexual or transgender people living in rural areas to access and meet the people who have similar concerns as they do.

The second example is Wal-Mart in Kentucky. One of the guys in HPA told the author that Wal-Mart is a great spot for the members of this organization because they are able to gather around and do not have to get any resistance because they are the customers. Even though I was glad to see that they have a spot to gather around and hang out, it was sad the fact that they still do not have a place for gathering. I mean, the purpose of going to Wal-Mart, for most of people, is to shop. So people should have more liberal mind in order to accept homosexual people as who they are and not give dirty looks or negative attitudes toward homosexual people so they can hang out in any places they want.

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From Websites to Wal-Mart
The article "From Website to Wal-Mart: Youth, Identity Work, and the Queering of Boundary Publics in Small Town, USA"…