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Jennifer's group: Gallery visit

I went to the Swedish Isntitute where they were having an exhibition of glass art. The collection contained over 200 peices made by American and Swedish artists. The exibit was held on thesecond story of the main mansion where the art was displayed on dining tables, pedistles, and behing glass in polished oak display cases. Works were arranged based on the artist that made them, though no order was given to the artists themselves. Throughout the 5 rooms the exibit was hosted in American and Swedish artists were miked alike. The glass itself came in a wide array of different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Although the collection was all glass with very little other material added in decoration all the works were different. They were molded, blown, twisted, pulled, layered, fused, etched, colored and cut.
The main theme of the exibit was just to showcase different glass artists and the techniques used by them. Sweden is known for it's glass work and many of its techniques an dinfluencs are employed by artists all around the world. For examle a well known American artist, David Lonnquist, who made cut glass peice for Dayton and J. B. Hudson was displayed for his use of Ariel and Graal Technique. While most of the art was just for the beauty of the peice and hence did not have any relation to any of the artists that we have been studying, there being no deep thought or political message to the peice, several of the peices had a modern design. Take fore example a colorful fused glass peice that was a fountain of water dropping into the glass bowl. Or, a molded brick of glass that had other colorful glass peices in it along with coils of wire and found metal nick-knacks.
One of hte artists that relly facinated me was Michael D. Boyd who had 5 peices within the collection. My favorite peice of his was called "Cell Schism." This was a peice made from multiple ovel ball of glass fused together. Most were clear though 6 were colored with red, pink, and yellow. His other works included a large 2ft multi-colored glass vase and clear glass peices created from blown glass pushed into a mold to trap in air bubbles, then covered with large amounts of glass so as to create solid glass peiced that look like they have fractures, star bust appearence.
I would highly, highly recomend this exibit to my friends if it's still up. It is set in a beautiful building which is decorated wonderfully. It's traditinal swedish ceramic stove are beautiful and it's wood panneling glows. This makes a wonderful backgound for the gass peices that are some of the nicest peices I've ever seen and one of the biggest collecions of glass ware I've ever seen. As long as someone doesn't go looing for political/activist art it is an exibit that I'm sure my friends would love.