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Margaret's Group-Gallery Visit Christina Lopez

I visited Tom Arndt’s Minnesota exhibition at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This was a one-person exhibition that included over 60 photographs that were lined up at about eye-level on seven separate walls.
The main theme of the exhibition was Tom Arndt’s perspective of Minnesota over the past forty years. Many of his pieces illustrated street scenes or people at the State Fair. When comparing him to artists we have talked about, I would say that he is most like Nikki Lee in that he was trying to show his representation of how he saw different people and, although he did no performing art in the photographs, he was showing “an honest account of everyday life” and I feel like that was what Nikki Lee was shooting for as well.
The piece to which I responded was a photograph entitled Street Scene, Minneapolis, 1981. The photograph was of a wealthy woman walking down the street with her purse and shopping bag in downtown Minneapolis, but she was walking on a makeshift sidewalk through a dirty construction site. She had a distressed look on her face and I think that Tom might have wanted to make this photograph because this woman was in real life, but when you see the photograph it almost seems staged because it is hard for one to imagine a woman like that walking where she was.
I would tell a friend that this exhibition is collection of Tom Arndt’s black and white photographs throughout the years depicting images of Minnesota. I would recommend that they visit the exhibition, especially if they live or have lived in Minnesota because it is really interesting to see parts of the city from years ago.