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Rowan's group: Gallery visit by Aziz

For my gallery visit, Nash gallery happens to be most convenient so it was my choice to write the report about. During my visit, the gallery’s exhibition was tailored to showcase the thesis projects for class of 2009. There were around ten exhibitions with unique themes characterizing each artwork. One chose to work on carpet, another chose to work with pillows, and a third chose to have torn walls to be his artwork, …etc.

Given the variations of works presented at the gallery, it is understandable to choose the word “thesis” as the title for the Nash gallery exhibition because it is the only way to group all these artworks under a coherent theme. This way every artist has no restrictions over his creativity. Henceforth, one used digital technology to narrate the story of his work, another wrote an essay, while other artists just trusted the viewers’ guts to interpret their work. The last group is similar to Chris Ofili’s approach to his artwork where he leaves it to the audience to take from his paintings what they need without giving any instructions or further details.

Out of all the artworks presented in Nash gallery, the one that caught my attention was Sonja Peterson’s “The Underground Plot of The Royal Pommes Frites.” The materials used in Sonja’s work were cut paper and acrylic on wall. Sonja’s work is trying to revisit the colonial era of the United States during the 18th century. I believe the artist inspiration about this piece comes from the richness the U.S history possess, since we can still see its reflection on our present day.

The Nash gallery is a unique place to visit but with the thesis exhibition, it seems to be targeted more toward the mature fan of art. I would not recommend my friends to go to this exhibition because they would feel lost. Their idea about art is paintings like the ones seen in the louver museum not torn walls they might found in their basement. Someone with an advance understanding of art would probably enjoy the unique variations this gallery offers but not the mass public who all they know about art is paintings like the Mona Lisa.