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Rowan's Group: Gallery visit

Gallery Visit Report
Ashley Huegel
Group 4
Rowan's Group

The piece that I was most intrigued and drawn to was a piece called “Natural History of the Enigma” by Eduardo Kac. The art was a beautiful flowering petunia plant that stood in the middle of the room on a pedistool. What made this plant so special and unique was that the plant contained proteins from the artist Eduardo Kac and a petunia plant. It is intriguing to think about the merge of human and plant to create life! The artist felt that his genes actually gave the plants flowers red streaks throughout the petals, like veins coursing with blood.

This was a one person installation, however the artist did work with a scientist from the University of Minnesota (Neil Olszewski) to help him with his creation. What added to the installation was the stark and bleak room within which the pedistool stood. The lack of distractions within the room allowed for you really focus on the plant and take in all the beauty that it had to offer. I feel that the artist was trying to covey to the viewer the bond between human and nature.

I would absolutely tell a friend about the “Natural History of the Enigma” because it is a beautiful and an innovate piece and it is amazing to see how the artist thought and used his own genes fused with that of the plant which caused the red veining.