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Rowan's Group: gallery visit

Max Rossi
Gallery Review

I went to Wiseman Gallery to do my exhibit review. I chose to do the exhibit shared between Ly Hoang and Dan Bach Nguyen. The exhibit was in a square room where each artist has two sides dedicated to their own work. They are in the same exhibit because they are both Vietnamese artists, not because their styles of art are similar. There was ten pieces in the room, between both of the artists combined. The medium for those pieces were different from artist to artist. Nguyen only had two different mediums in his work that was displayed. He only used Ink on Paper and Chinese Ink on Xuyen Chi Paper. Hoang used more mediums than Nguyen, she used Oils on canvas, DVD- multimedia, and VHS boxes, used diapers, and packages of sanitary napkins for one of her sculptural pieces.
The main theme of this exhibition is to show the work of two Vietnamese artists and how different they can be. Nguyen’s art was all paintings done with black ink, each piece seemed to be based off of nature; whereas Hoang focuses more on Vietnamese culture, specifically “women’s sensibility and perserverance”. The sculpture of Hoang’s in the exhibit reminds me of Felix-Torres Gonzales because, they both use sculptures in galleries to portray their view of something. Hoang with her view of Vietnamese women and Gonzales with his view of AIDS but Hoang doesn’t give out art like Gonzales did.
“Seagrass Cove” by Dan Bach Nguyen, materials: Chinese Ink on Xuyen Paper. This piece is a beautiful representation of a scene in nature done abstractly. His strokes of black ink are very apparent and yet also very beautiful. He used various brush strokes to draw your eye to certain things. For example, in the for-ground of this piece its all horizontal strokes and in the back ground it’s a mixture of vertical and curved lines. He was inspired to do this piece based off of a cove somewhere in the world that he had seen before. He draws inspiration from nature and the movement that occurs in nature.
My friend, this exhibit is a great one to go see in Wiseman for free; not only is it free it has great art in it too. I would recommend that you go visit this exhibit because, of the different types of art that you can see. Just in this one exhibit there are black and white paintings, movies, sculptures, and more. It also gives an inside look at Vietnamese culture, and how vastly different people from different places can be; how vastly different art can be from different types of people.