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Gallery Visit- Jennifer's Group

I went to see the work of one of my high school classmates during the St. Paul art crawl, Kelsey Anderson. She showed her paintings with one of her friends, an african artist.
She had eight paintings left when I arrived, having sold quite a few during the day. I noticed a lot of pallette-knife technique, and she replied that she used that exclusively! Even the tiny details on the piece that I bought a print of, a tropical boat scene from her honeymoon in Thailand. It was amazing. One painting she had looked like brushwork, but she said that she used her fingers! Wow.
Most of her paintings were of nature, either of Australia, where she lived for a few years after marrying an Aussie, or of Africa, where she did some sort of teaching for a while after college. There was one self-portrait in the gallery. That one in particular showcases her skill in rendering life-likeness.I can't think of anyone that we've studied in class who resembles Kelsey in their work, but I would liken hers to Ansel Adams, except that it's painting instead of photography.
My favorite of her dispayed works was the aforementioned tropical boat scene. I've included a picture of the print that I purchased from her. There is no title. It was painted this past year from a photograph from 2005.
I would definitely recommend anyone check her work out. In fact, it was a mutual friend who took me to the gallery!