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1 Million innocent accidents/Unconventional wisdom

The exhibit I went to was at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It was actually two different exhibits but they were paired. The first one was titled "Unconventional Wisdom" was done by two different artists, Ruthann Godollei, a professor of fine arts and former dean of fine arts at Macalester College in Saint Paul, and Mike Elko, a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Fine Arts. There were about twenty five pieces in all and they were made of either ink, screen print, or digital prints and were grouped according to the media used. The space seemed to fit well for both artists and all of the pieces complemented each other, both visually and conceptually.

Together their pieces humorously represented the corruption in our government, popular culture as well as consumer culture along with media, politics, and war. They used both somber and vibrant colors in separate pieces. What was the most intriguing was the way they took images of familiar objects and changed a few things altering its significance. Like the word "Surge" on a can of red paint made it look like blood, it made me think of the war and how much blood was, and still is being lost, and about why this is happening. Another example was a print of an IPOD with a message placed right on it. I think most of the pieces are easy to understand and decipher. I would most definitely recommend this part of the exhibit to a friend because it was humorous but with a very serious subject matter. It isn’t easy to make someone laugh at the piece you have made but at the same time make them feel worried and sorrowful about what is going on in out world at the present time.

The second part of the exhibit was called "1 Million Innocent Accidents" and was done my numerous artists. Total there was about one hundred pieces and were done with many different medias such as paint, photography, clothe, wire, plastic etc. and the pieces were arranged so the viewer could be lead easily from piece to piece and the pieces not only varied in media but also in size. This exhibit was also about politics, media, human, modern, and pop culture but was portrayed entirely differently. This exhibit was eerie and creepy, mostly because the images were of distorted people, or derogatory sayings, and their were sounds coming from the speakers that sounded like rusty nails rubbing together. I felt really uncomfortable, but I do think that was the feeling that was intended.

One piece i picked out specifically was called OXXXX HXXXX which took over a small wall, and was done with paint on panel. There were a few select bright colors but the feeling of the piece was still very dark. The main image in the painting was a distorted mouth with gagged teeth which said "Organ House" across them. It also had disturbing sayings worked into the piece like "kill yourself". I really don’t know what the message behind this painting was but I have to assume that the artist is some what disturbed. Possibly the artists goal was to grab the viewers attention with the bright colors but show how even when things seems to be bright he every person has some form of inner torture. I think he was also somewhat inspired by death.

This part of the exhibit I would not be inclined to recommend to any of my friends because of how uncomfortable it made me feel. It did not make me think about politics or war or culture the same way "Unconventional Truth" did. I think this exhibit is a bit more difficult to interpret.