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Research on Ablade Glover

Research on Ablade Glover
by Albert Obeng

Dr. Ablade Glover is a native of Ghana; he is a teacher and a painter whose works have been exhibited widely worldwide. Professor Glover was the Dean of Art at the University of Science and Technology (Kumasi, Ghana) for 27 years. Dr. Glover talks about how the lack of some of the bare necessities of life in a third world country such as Ghana can aid in contemporary art losing its currency. He claims he uses his paintings to alleviate this isolation and connect the artists to the wider Ghanaian audience.
Dr. Glover has a unique and instantly recognizable style, working in oils on canvas concentrating on market places and townscapes in Ghana.
The rich, colorful culture of the Ghanaian community which is mostly overshadowed by the hardships in the country is what Dr. Glover tries to portray in his paintings. I believe he wants people to see past these hardships and appreciate the richness in the Ghanaian culture as well as the beauty that lies within the struggle.
I will compare Dr. Glover’s work to that of Nan Goldin. Nan Goldin captures her life through a lens, and in a sense her capturing all her photo memoirs of herself became an extension of her self. Dr. Glover also uses his paintings to capture what he sees about his country and culture that others might fail to see. He uses his paintings to communicate his views about his country to the outside world. Same ways Nan Goldin also uses her pictures to communicate with her audience, in some aspects she even felt much comfortable using that as a medium of communication. Nan Goldin sees herself as the defender of the real and unaltered with the pictures she takes. I believe that in
Dr. Glover’s paintings it also portrays the unaltered version of the country Ghana irrespective of it being branded a third world. He sees beauty unrefined.
I would definitely tell a friend to check out his exhibition. I believe Dr. Glover’s paintings will give one the opportunity to appreciate Ghana by its rich cultural beauty without bias of the media.

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