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Gallery Visit by Wiwat Wiphusit

Gallery Visit Assignment-by Wiwat Wiphusit:
1. The name of the exhibition is called ‚ÄúParty Party in a Tweety Land b/w This Republic of Suffering.‚Ä? It was at the Form&Content Gallery on August 28th through Oct 4th 2008. It was a group exhibition which comprise of nine Minnesota artists: Christopher Baker, Harriet Bart, Kim Benson, Kristie Bretzke, Jaron Childs, Philip Harder, Jenny Schmid, Scott Seekins, and Javier Tavera. The media they used are: oil on canvas, color photographs, archival inkjet print, 16mm film, paper, ink, and plumb bobs. The exhibition was arranged by group of nine individuals each have about 3 feet of space wide.
2. What is it about? Party Party in a Tweety Land b/w This Republic of Suffering contemplates the tensions between suffering and denial, grief and self-absorption, and the real losses buried under the flotsam of a consumer and celebrity obsessed culture. In a world where the human suffering inflicted by wars, natural disasters, hunger, drug addiction and other natural and manmade causes feels ever-present, people are increasingly becoming numb to the plight of others. Overwhelmed by the enormity of suffering and mired in frustration with how to alleviate it, some retreat into private worlds. Others distract themselves with celebrity infatuation or indulge in decadent behavior to keep the world at bay. Some find transcendence and meaning for their own suffering through religious models. It was designed to showcase the work of nine Minnesota artists. Use specific examples from the exhibition: Jenny Schmid, The Nihilists and The Libertines, 24.5x16‚Ä? lithograph, 2008, $500 each. Jenny Schmid‚Äôs lithographs evoke the quandaries of living in a contradictory world through her imaginary couples, The Libertines and The Nihilists.
3. Pick one specific work in the exhibition. List the title and materials: Kristie Bretzkie, Total Desperation, 36x48‚Ä?, oil on canvas, 2007, $1500. Kristie Bretzkie‚Äôs paintings capture the faces of homeless panhandlers with quiet dignity. The faces of her diverse subjects offer myriad emotions from defiance to desperation. To bring out awareness to the homeless issue not only in Minnesota is one motivation of the artist and to help out with the homeless also because all of her proceeds go to benefit the homeless.
4. What would you tell a friend about this exhibition? It is like looking at the world with different pair of eyes because a lot of time we are focus on our self too much. These artist did a great job of showing us pain and suffering of people that we tent to ignore. Would you be numb by the plight of these artists? You would have to take a look for yourself and that is why I would highly recommend for my friends to visit the gallery or follow up on the works of these artists and others as well. I would also tell my friends too that these art works are way too expensive my personal opinion.