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“Hindsight is Always 20/20� and “What do you say, America?� – Tameer Mady

“Hindsight is Always 20/20� and “What do you say, America?� – Tameer Mady

Hindsight is Always 20/20 by R. Luke DuBois and is an astounding art exhibit at the Weisman Museum. It features 43 pieces that organized in a chronological order and represent the State of the Union addressed by all presidents in U.S. history. I would have to conclude that it is a group exhibition seeing as it represents a minority of leaders, all of which are United States presidents. The images are all charts, such as the charts you would see at an eye doctor representing words decreasing is size from top to bottom. I believe DuBois chose this type of format to make it catchier yet easy to understand the true meaning behind the art.

The exhibition, as stated above, is mainly concerning presidential State of The Union speeches and shows what generations before us struggled with. From World War 2 to the War in Vietnam, each generations ‘popular’ difficulties were displayed. The idea behind this, along with the title, leads me to believe the DuBois is pointing out that it is easy for politicians to call out problems and mistakes but usually lack the ability to correct them properly. With hindsight, most of these problems are talked about as though they were something that could have easily been fixed.

It’s difficult for me to point out a specific work in this exhibition because they are all as equally as fascinating, however, I tended to focus more on the works which featured the most recent presidents such as Bush senior, Clinton, and Bush junior seeing as these presidents are more prevalent to me and my daily life.

I would definitely suggest this exhibition to anyone who has an interest in political issues. I believe many people today could learn a lesson from this exhibit, simply because the issues it covers are ones that are very easy for us to miss and not take into account when debating what is the best route our nation should take when facing difficulties.