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Journey to Nowhere Kate Monson

Kate Monson
I visited the exhibit, Journey to Nowhere at the Walker Art Center in October.
1. Briefly describe the exhibition.
This was a group exhibition. There were many different artists represented in this exhibition. There were only nine pieces of art included. To me that doesn’t seem like very many. It was a small area in the Walker that consisted of two rooms. The first room included artwork like paintings and two sculptures in the middle on the floor, and the second room was the media room with a film playing. Some materials used to create the art include film, paper, stone, and paint.
2. Identify and describe a main theme of the exhibition.
The themes represented in the artwork in Journey to Nowhere literally and symbolically explore far-off places. The pieces of art represented fault lines, arctic places, and the earth’s elements all through different types of ideas. There was a rock in the middle of the floor; it really pulled the whole exhibit together and tied the themes together. Pierre Huygne’s film, A Journey That Wasn’t was one of the center pieces of the exhibit. There were individual pieces all around the exhibit.
3. Pick one specific work in the exhibition.
One piece of art that really stuck out to me was a piece done by Udomsak Krisanamis Thai. He was born in 1966. The art is named How Deep is the Ocean? He created it in 1998. This art is a collage done on fabric. Thai used ink and printed paper. The collage is mostly blue with a lot of red and orange dots. It is a very large piece of art. Thai was inspired from the ocean.
4. Would you tell a friend about this exhibiton?
I would let whoever visits this exhibition know that it is smaller than I expected. The art was interesting, but the exhibit overall didn’t appeal to me. It was very good, but not amazing. I would recommend the film though. I got lost in it as I sat and watched it. I would definitely recommend visiting the Walker though, especially the sculpture garden. I have been there many times and I love it everytime.