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Waterloo Exhibition at the Nash Gallery

1.) There were several artists that were involved in the exhibition; Karen Kruston, Jhon Salminem, Chen-Khee Chee, Carl Grupp, and many more. There were about 120-140 art works in the exhibition. The materials used to construct the works of art were mostly watercolor and ink. Paintings were hung through out the exhibition.

2.) The theme was the symbol of American Culture, and people that were a part of that culture. Other themes included depictions of nature and wildlife, but mostly the art work was focused around gorgeous representations of nature; (forests, shores, etc).

3.) "Chicago, November" by John Salmien was my favorite; it was an amazingly realistic dipiction of Chicago, using water color. The artist wanted to capture and represent the culture of the city, and its people. He wanted to capture the realism of city life.

4.) I would recommend many people to visit the gallery, because the work I've seen there was one if the most beautifully done work I have ever seen in my life.