November 16, 2008

Examples of Visual Narratives


A two-page spread from Chris Ware's Jimmy Corrigan graphic novel -- see more examples of his work on the Random House website. The page is broken up into separate panels, in a variety of sizes, and while the use of color is fairly limited, the artist used light and dark contrasts to draw attention to certain text elements and images.

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November 11, 2008

Exhibition at the MAEP Gallery


I am getting ready for an exhibition of my work at the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP) gallery at the MInneapolis Institute of Arts. I am showing with Max Schollet, who is a U of MN grad. The opening is Thursday, November 13 from 7-9.

November 5, 2008

Great Show at the Walker

For those of you looking for galleries to visit for your assignment, there is what should be a great sculpture show at the Walker right now. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going this afternoon. It is called:

Tetsumi Kudo: Garden of Metamorphosis

Tetsumi Kudo is not really a contemporary artist, as he was working mostly in the 70's and has passed away. However, I would argue that his work was ahead of his time. He was Japanese, and although his work has been in many shows in the US and Europe (Japanese Art After 1945: Scream Against the Sky, Guggenheim Museum, New York, 1994, for example), he has never had a solo show outside of Japan. This show is meant to be a retrospective survey, "featuring more than 100 works of diverse media—objects, sculpture, installation, drawing, and painting—covering the entire trajectory of Kudo’s productive career, from 1956 through 1986." This is a quote from the Walker's site.

Here is another quote from the site describing Kudo's work:
"While his art and vision were consistently and uniquely transcultural, international, and cosmopolitan, he remained, in his private thinking and public persona, an eternal outsider. Ultimately, what Kudo hoped to discover and develop was a universal humanist language of creativity and regeneration in a post-nuclear world, a hope that resonates, perhaps even more critically in this new century, almost 20 years after his death. "

If you're looking for a show to visit, this is just one option. If you want to ask me about it tonight, I can let you know how it was.


October 31, 2008

Art Blogs

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently started a blog. It's updated pretty frequently and they've made some interesting posts -- lots of behind-the-scenes museum stuff.

Welcome to the ARTS 1001 Contemporary Arts Blog

We'll use this blog to post the artist research projects for the Wednesday night section of the ARTS 1001 class.

More details about the project will come -- the first step is to select the artist you would like to research. Begin by finding an artist on one of these two lists:

Museum of Modern Art - 1990s to the Present

Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles -- 2000 to the Present

Then email your discussion group leader with the artist you've chosen.