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Bush met with differing views in Sydney

President Bush had an interesting trip to Sydney, Australia last week. Bush was in Australia for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum. However, the president received very different press coverage during his four day visit.

One local television station set up a camera outside of President Bush's hotel and checked in on his doings frequently. One afternoon he went for a bike ride, and was followed by a helicopter and news crew.

A Sydney newspaper also had a special feature online in which browsers were able to dress a picture of President Bush in an assortment of different local outfits such as a Crocodile Dundee hat or a koala costume.

One Bush protest group even showed the president what they thought of him by attempting to set the world record for mooning, claiming, "Only 4,000 cheeks are needed."

Bush has a close friendship with Australian Prime Minister John Howard, and because Howard is as unpopular in Australia as Bush is in the U.S. the locals tend to have a negative view of the president.


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