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Man relives history

Tim Cope may seem like your ordinary 28-year-old former law student, however, he recently arrived in Hungary, ending a 6,200 mile trip in which he retraced the steps of Genghis Khan. The trip took him through Mongolia, Kazakhstan, southern Russia, and Ukraine.

The trip began in 2004 and Cope anticipated that it would take 18 months. In the end it took three years.

Cope endured many hardships throughout his journey. He had to retrieve his horses from thieves two separate times, and in the Kazakh town of Akbakai had his dog Tigon, which was a gift from a Kazakh local, stolen only to be found near death a week later. Tigon was nursed back to health.

Cope spent many of his nights in a tent and at the locals advice threw firecrackers out of his tent each night to keep away the wolves. The nights he didn't spend in his tent he spent in the homes of gracious locals.

Cope is hoping to make a book and film about his journey, before finding another.


Adventures abound in the footsteps of Genghis Khan