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Rupublican Party gives money to St. Paul

The Republican Party gave $2 million dollars to University Bank in St. Paul on Thursday. The money is to be used for loans to repair houses in need of renovation. The money will be taken back at a later date, but for the time being the bank will be able to use it.

This is the first step in which the Republican Party will try to say thank you to the Twin Cities area for allowing them to hold their national convention in St. Paul. The party realizes the strain this puts on the community and plans on doing volunteer work as well to express their thanks and boost their image. The Democrats are doing much of the same in their own host city of Denver.

The money for the $2 million deposit came from the $16.3 million that is awarded to each party from the Federal Elections Commission. This money can only be used to organize and make arrangements for the parties national conventions.

While many people will appreciate these acts of charity, others will still be angry when the time of the convention rolls around. The convention will be blamed for disrupting the everyday lives of many people, and with 35W being closed and the convention in town traffic is bound to be worse than ever.


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