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Where does freedom end and patriotism begin?

Did you know that when you travel you are providing the U.S. Government with large quantities of information?

The Government has always monitored our travel habits in someways, but recently has stepped up their surveillance. According to many former Department of Homeland Security officials, the Government has been keeping an eye on travelers since the mid-1990's, but the data it collects has been greatly expanded since 2002.

The expanded data may even include details such as what book you carry with you or what kind of key chain you have. Activists learned of this after requesting copies of their own travel logs. They couldn't believe how in depth they were and are now taking action, claiming it violates the Privacy Act.

All this does is raise the question of just how much invasion of privacy the American public will tolerate on the grounds of defending our country from terrorism.


Is Big Brother reading over your shoulder on the plane?