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Ancient secret revealed

In the last few years Dan Brown and Tom Hanks captivated audiences with the "The Da Vinci Code" and its story about the Knights Templar. The Knights Templar was formed after the first crusade in 1118 to help defend travelers in the holy land of Jerusalem.

As the years went by the Templar Knights gained vast power and wealth. Fearful of their power and secretive ways, King Phillip IV of France, who it is believed owed money to the Templar Knights, arrested and executed the knights under the charge of heresy. There were plans to reform the order later but it never happened.

However, recently discovered documents detailing the Templar Knights heresy trial have been discovered. It is now known that Pope Clement V initially found the knights not guilty of heresy but, pressured by King Phillip, he reversed his decision and the knights were suppressed in 1312.

800 copies of the recently discovered document are being printed. One of the 800 is going to Pope Benedict and the other 799 will be sold for $8,377 a piece.


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