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Circus arrives, brings animals too

The Shrine Circus arrived in Minneapolis this weekend, and after much debate awhile back was allowed to bring its many types of animals. Two weeks ago the Minneapolis City Council voted against a ban on bringing the circus animals to the city. They instead created stricter rules for the animals and raised permit fees and potential fees.

At the circus protesters lined the entrance and, despite the vote of the city council, attempted to have their voice be heard. While protesters took over one area of the entrance, clowns and elephants stood in another ushering people into the circus and putting on their usual show.

Last years circus brought in around 60,000 people, however, with no baseball or football to compete with this weekend circus officials are hoping that number will be up around 70,000 this year. That number may have been much smaller had the circus not been allowed to bring its traditional animals such as elephants, tigers, and monkeys.


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