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Help comes from unexpected

Bill Palmquist is an employee of Spee-Dee-Delivery Service. Everyday he delivers the essentials, pens, paper, etc., to the offices of Medtronic. Palmquist has formed a special bond with those he delivers for, giving them nicknames and sometimes taking time out of his day just to chat. However, his mood changed suddenly when he learned his 8-year-old son Aaron had kidney failure and needed a transplant.

When news of this reached one of the Medtronic employees that knew Palmquist they took action. An e-mail was sent out informing everyone of the plight of their favorite delivery man. The employees reached into their own pockets and gave over $3,000 worth of donations. One employee decided to do even more.

Sue Dzieweczynski was one of Palmquist's closest friends at Medtronic. After taking the required tests, it was determined that she was a match for Aaron. Dziewecznski and the Palmquists celebrated the news by going out for Aarons favorite food, macaroni and cheese.

The surgery will take place on Wednesday.


When bad news hit a great guy, she knew a card just wouldn't do