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Putin welcomes comparisons to FDR

Russian President Vladimir Putin began his presidency in a time when Russia had problems on top of problems. However, Putin lead the country out of the chaotic 1990's by attacking the corrupt billionaires and making the image of Russia respectful once again.

Because of his staunch leadership Putin is receiving many comparisons to on of Americas great presidents, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR ran for a third term when he felt he was the only person who could finish the plans that he started, and now, as Putin's term is coming to an end, many feel he too should try to return for a third term to finish what he started.

The comparison to FDR is an important one, as Russians hold him in the highest regard and still looked upon as the great ally who helped turn back the Nazis. It also helps with campaigning. Videos have began playing comparing America's time with FDR and Russia's time with Putin.

Regardless of whether Putin stays for a third term or not, he is flattered to be compared to someone who is still looked at with such fondness.


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