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Soldier gets welcomed to new neighborhood

John Kriesel, 26-year-old husband and father of two, returned home from Iraq with out either of his legs. He lost them when his humvee hit a roadside bomb. The blast killed two of Kriesel's friends and cost him his legs.

On Saturday Kriesel attended a celebration welcoming him and his family to a part of Cottage Grove known as Highland Hills. Through donations from companies and individuals Kriesel's family only ended up paying around 25% of the houses total costs.

At the celebration Kriesel, who is taking classes at Brown College and hopes to be a sports caster, discussed the upcoming Vikings game with his future neighbors over bratwurst. He says he only wants to live a normal life, but he doesn't think that will ever be possible. For now he is just happy to be able to spend his weekends playing with his two sons.


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