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Vikings and Gohpers provide disappointing football

After another embarrassing loss this week the Gophers football team has fallen to 1-5 and their future doesn't look too bright. The Vikings, although they had a bye this week, are 1-3 with a tough schedule ahead.

Brad Childress (Vikings) and first year coach Tim Brewster (Gophers) have struggled. After the departure of Glen Mason, Gopher fans had hoped that Brewster would make good on his promise to to bring the team back to its winning ways. When Childress arrived, on the other hand, he took over a Vikings team that had went 9-7 the year before and the future looked bright.

The Vikings and Gophers have both been around since 1961. Since then their lowest combined win total came in 1984 when the two teams won a measly seven games. Based on their current records and the quality of football both teams are currently playing, it is not out of the question to believe that this win total may be challenged this year.


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