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Winter not Welcome in Rushford

With winter fast arriving the flood victims in Rushford have much to do. It has been six weeks since heavy rain flooded the town, destroying and damaging homes, cars, and anything else in its path.

Many businesses have yet to be reopened and several families are still living in the trailers set up just outside of town. With so much damage done, it may take up to three years for Rushford to fully recover from the flood. According to the Star Tribune many of the residents did not have flood insurance because they felt the dikes, which were built after floods in 1965, were good enough to protect them.

Without insurance people are now filling out the required paperwork in order to get some of the $157 million of flood relief authorized by the Legislature. However, this is not enough in most cases and people are now being forced to take out loans in order to rebuild their lives.

As winter approaches Rushford will continue the long process of putting itself back together.


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