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WWII interrogators speak against todays methods

The group of World War II veterans you were responsible for the interrogation of Nazi prisoners at Fort Hunt, Va have kept quiet for over six decades. However, recently they decided to speak out against todays methods of interrogation.

They said that back then they wrestled with the morality of bugging a prisoners cell and even felt bad about having to censoring the prisoners letters. They said that they got more information from the German officers through friendly conversation then interrogators do today with torture and other modern practices.

It had apparently been commonplace to take the German prisoners out to steak dinners and entertain them with games of chess and pingpong.

Because of their decades of silence, the events that took place in Fort Hunt have always been a mystery to many people, but with the former interrogators decision to speak out it seems that this mystery has finally been solved.


WWII secret interrogators break their silence

WWII interrogators decry methods being used today