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Asian carp invading Minnesota waters

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is working hard to stop the invasion of Asian carp into Minnesota waters.

Asian carp have two species that pose a large threat. The bighead carp can reach 100 lbs and eats so much it leaves nothing for Minnesota's native species of fish. The silver carp is not as voracious as the bighead carp, but pose a danger because they leap out of the water when boats pass.

Bighead carp have been caught in the St. Croix River in 1994 and Lake Pepin in 2004 and just last months.

The DNR is trying to determine the best way to stop this invasion. One idea is revolves around building barriers of light, sound, bubbles or electricity on waterways to keep the invasive fish moving upsteam into Minnesota waters. However, this project isn't guaranteed to work and would be extremely expensive.


Bighead and silver carp

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