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Local girl dies as binge drinking issues surface

Amanda Jax died of alcohol poisoning after turning 21 last month. Due to large problem with binge drinking, Attorney Ross Arneson is considering filing charges against some of the bars Jax visited the night of her death.

Being a college town, Mankato police are used to dealing with underage and heavy drinking issues frequently. Officer Jerry Huettl claims they see people with blood alcohol levels of 0.40 on a weekly basis.

In order to combat these issues Mankato recently passed a social-house ordinance, which holds residents responsible for all underage drinking done under their roof. The ordinance had been in the process of being passed a month before Jax's death.

Mankato police arrested 143 18-20 year-olds for underage drinking in September alone. Hopefully the new ordinance and the memory of Jax's recent passing will help to drastically cut these numbers.


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