April 8, 2006


It has been quite a nice day today. The weather was really nice and sunny outside.

I went out with some friends for lunch. We had dim-sum at Mandarin Kitchen. This restaurant was voted 'Best Dim Sum' in Twin Cities. Well, I think it was just okay .. not that great. Id prefer eating dim-sum in Chicago or San Fran or NYC. I guess the Chinese pop in Twin Cities arent that much compared to those other big cities, where Chinese restaurants are really good.

Then we went grocery shopping. One of my friends asked if I wanted to play tennis with her after we were done shopping. I really wanted to, but I have got some stuff in the lab to finish.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, it has been quite a nice day til I came to the lab :P. It's almost 11 pm right now, and Im still not done working. Hmm .. why am I still not done? cos I've been chatting with my friends back home for a little while and now spending time writing my diary in this blog!!

So .. Id better end my today diary right here and better finish my lab work, so that I can go home and chat with my friends :P.

April 7, 2006

My first blog :D

I just realized this evening that UMN also has this blog thingy for students and staff of the u. Well, I do have another blog in my MSN space, but I mainly write in Thai language in my space, so that I can share some stuff with my Thai friends back home.

Now that I know I can write stuff in here. Im gonna just use this space as my diary. Hopefully, I wont be so lazy and will be writing in my diary here almost everyday :).