January 4, 2013

Java Framework for 2013?

It has been a while since I wrote my last Java web application. From the look of things, I do not think I will be writing one anytime soon. We are planning to rewrite or develop new web applications with PHP using Codeiginiter. I will lose a few features that I like in Java but overall, the maintenance will be a lot easier for me since there will be others in the group that can help with the support and enhancements.
I was curious and searched the web to see what's the framework of choice these days. The results suggested that Spring was the leader followed by Struts 1.x and etc. Nothing has changed for the last few years IMO. I rolled up my own using Struts 2, Hibernate and Sitemesh which has been working great for me and will still work fine when I build my next web application with it I am sure but I do not have the "unit testing" with it and would love to have that integrated for my next app. When I read articles on Unit Testing, it sounds easy enough but applying it to my web applications with sessions is not so easy. I do not have the patience or intelligence to get it all working, I am still working it on when I have time but I think that is slowly slipping away.
After a period of time, I am always excited to try out Spring. After installing the STS and created my first Spring & Hibernate Template project, the skeleton project does not even work as there are missing classes :-) .. Maybe next time :-) Anyway, just throwing my two cents out there and add something to this blog. My next blogs may be more about PHP and Codeiginiter instead of Java. Have a great year all.

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March 11, 2008

Struts 2, Spring and Hibernate

I have been looking around on the web to find a simple way of combining the three good frameworks together to build and rewrie some of my older web applications. There were quite a few but no clear instructions of how to do this from scratch. I have seen fully integrated systems like AppFuse to the quickstart app from Struts but no simple tutorial or explanation of what, how and why. In the next few weeks, I will attempt to explore this and will try my best to document here for others that may be trying this. You may find the one that has already been put together for you but it would be nice to know how to do it yourself if needed. In this process, I will also attempt to move away from Ant and start trying out Maven 2.

Here are some of the frameworks that I have looked at

  • AppFuse 2

  • Grails

  • Struts 2 Quickstart example

AppFuse is great but at the first glance, it may have too much stuff there that I may not want. I will use it as a reference when working on the new basic one. Grails itself is for the new language Groovy, but it is very close to Java and I believe is using Spring and Hibernate for it's framework.

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November 9, 2005

A Quick Introduction

A quick introduction about myself. Fall 1978, my uncle's family and I made our long awaited journey from a refugee in Malaysia to the USA (land of opportunity). At the Denver Stapleton Airport, my father and his sponsors Sam and Karen Arnold awaited for our arrival and covered us with jackets as it was very cold that evening. I was overwhelmed and had no idea how I should act! After three years, I am now reunited with my father. The problem was that I heard he was dead after the fall of Saigon (04/30/1975) and now I am totally separated from my mother and brother who were still stranded in Viet Nam.

By now I have found out that my father and and his crew left when South Viet Nam announced it's surrender, his crew and plane landed in Guam. There, Sam Arnold and his kind heart sponsored my father and another person there to Denver, Colorado. During the three years there, Sam has helped my father learned and adjusted to the new culture. My father worked very hard as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and saved enough money to buy his first car (Honda Civic). Seeing his work ethic and determination to make it in this new land, Sam called the local newspaper and they did a very nice article about the new imigrants to this land. By the time I and my uncle's family arrived, my father has saved enough money and bought a house to hold us (all 12 of us) :-) Living in a house in the United States is definitely heaven compared to the refugee camp in Malaysia.

Equipped with a few English words (hi, hello, how are you?, I am fine), I was ready to hit the 4th grade at Western Hills Elementary. My cousins and I were the first Vietnamese in the area and were the only one in school. I believed they started a brand new program there (ESL) for us and Aki Tanner from Finland. They even got a Vietnamese and English (Lorelee Ratliff, ???) teachers for us, these teachers spend about half a day with us every day helping us learn our new language. I cannot say enough about Ms. Ratliff! On top of being a model in Spain, fluent in Spanish and a super kind heart. She helped made our transition to our new home and culture easy. Every few weeks, she would take us to her sister (Becky) farm in Boulder and allow us to ride her sister's horse. After a lot of fun at the farm, she took us to the pizza shop (I can't remember the name), where we can actually watch the guy making our pizza through the window.

As time goes, Aki and I became best friends. We spent a lot of time riding our bikes around the neighborhood, playing video games at 7-Eleven. His father (Simo Tanner) and mother (Sekka Tanner) were very nice, I even attended his sister's wedding (Privy <=[I probably botched the name] Tanner) who she married her high school sweetheart (Dan). At Western Hills, I also met Kent Putman, he and his mother were very nice to and has definitely taught me a lot about the new culture and language. There were definitely many others, but these individuals definitely made a significant impact on my life.

Definitely lucky! My father told me that my mother, her two brothers and my brother and another uncle's family has fled Viet Nam on a fishing boat and has made it to an island in Thailand (Bidong)! My mother and brother finally made it to the US in 1980 and our whole family was reunited. What a joyous day! What a great day! Tears was running down my eyes as I saw my mother and brother walked out of that airplane! It's true! They made it! During the sponsoring process, my father contacted a church in Estes Park, CO and asked for their help to sponsore my uncle's family over. We visited Estes Park every 2 weeks or so for quite a few years to spend time with my uncle's family whom have helped reunited our family.

Looking back now, all I can say is how lucky I am! How lucky my family is! All the nice people we have met along the way that has helped and shaped us to become who we are today and God Bless America!

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