January 4, 2013

Java Framework for 2013?

It has been a while since I wrote my last Java web application. From the look of things, I do not think I will be writing one anytime soon. We are planning to rewrite or develop new web applications with PHP using Codeiginiter. I will lose a few features that I like in Java but overall, the maintenance will be a lot easier for me since there will be others in the group that can help with the support and enhancements.
I was curious and searched the web to see what's the framework of choice these days. The results suggested that Spring was the leader followed by Struts 1.x and etc. Nothing has changed for the last few years IMO. I rolled up my own using Struts 2, Hibernate and Sitemesh which has been working great for me and will still work fine when I build my next web application with it I am sure but I do not have the "unit testing" with it and would love to have that integrated for my next app. When I read articles on Unit Testing, it sounds easy enough but applying it to my web applications with sessions is not so easy. I do not have the patience or intelligence to get it all working, I am still working it on when I have time but I think that is slowly slipping away.
After a period of time, I am always excited to try out Spring. After installing the STS and created my first Spring & Hibernate Template project, the skeleton project does not even work as there are missing classes :-) .. Maybe next time :-) Anyway, just throwing my two cents out there and add something to this blog. My next blogs may be more about PHP and Codeiginiter instead of Java. Have a great year all.

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March 11, 2008

Struts 2, Spring and Hibernate

I have been looking around on the web to find a simple way of combining the three good frameworks together to build and rewrie some of my older web applications. There were quite a few but no clear instructions of how to do this from scratch. I have seen fully integrated systems like AppFuse to the quickstart app from Struts but no simple tutorial or explanation of what, how and why. In the next few weeks, I will attempt to explore this and will try my best to document here for others that may be trying this. You may find the one that has already been put together for you but it would be nice to know how to do it yourself if needed. In this process, I will also attempt to move away from Ant and start trying out Maven 2.

Here are some of the frameworks that I have looked at

  • AppFuse 2

  • Grails

  • Struts 2 Quickstart example

AppFuse is great but at the first glance, it may have too much stuff there that I may not want. I will use it as a reference when working on the new basic one. Grails itself is for the new language Groovy, but it is very close to Java and I believe is using Spring and Hibernate for it's framework.

Posted by phamx039 at 11:41 AM