Iteration 1 learning outcomes

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Iteration 1 has been gone well so far. However, there are something I want to share before working on the next one.
As mentioned in lecture, writing test cases before coding is extremely helpful. By eliminating which test cases do not pass, I can determine which part of my code/logic is wrong but it still took a lot of time to understand why since I did not clearly tested for small components of the code (such as the conditions in while loops). In iteration 1, some conditions gave us segmentation faults for illegal accessing memory because we did not check the pointer if it is null and try to access its address for values.
Even though our implementation passed all test cases, I do not feel like I achieved 100% what we should. The worst part for me to conquer is using sub-version control. I did not update my group repository as frequently as it should be. Therefore, my partner had hard time to modify our code after each time I commit my version of code. There were bunch of code differences for my partner to look at and understand what it does.
It would be nice to work with a partner because implementation is actually better since there are more ideas and reasons why something is needed to be done in some ways. However, since I formed a group quite late, we did not have chance to meet and discuss because time conflict.
For the next iteration, I will try to update the group repository more often, schedule time to meet and discuss with my partner and continue writing test cases before writing code. To avoid struggling when I encounter segmentation faults, probably I will put more test cases for each if/else and for/while loops statements.

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