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March 4, 2008

Sunday (3)

Oh, it's time to work on the car again. I took it to Midas for a free all systems check before I bought it, and they said that it needed tires, break pads and all of its fluids topped off. Tires? Check. Oil change and fluids? Check. (It's amazing how much better a car drives when it has the proper amount of break fluid.)
So today, I took the car to a place called Phan Auto, off Arcade St. Yao, the girl I bought the car from, recommended them. I got the break pads changed for a really good price and the mechanic was really nice and showed me under the car. That's a rarity for female's my age. Last time I had a car, the mechanic at the place I went never offered to let me see what was wrong.

Total: $82.50

Friday (3)

Friday is a standard work day. Gallery work in the AM and Ebay work in the PM. I had my standard coffee for breakfast at the Gallery around 9:30. $1.06

Ebay work went on in it's normal fashion. Snap a photo here, make a listing there. Identify a piece of depression era pottery, try to open a trick pencil box from the late 1800's etc. etc. etc. But wait! The store just moved! Celebration! Beer and Pizza Luce for dinner! Score! $Free, thank you boss lady.

Total: $1.06

Saturday (3)

I have problems doing homework at my house. I may have mentioned this before. Luckily, there is a coffee shop called Overflow Espresso Cafe a block and a half from my house. I spend about 7 hours there Saturday doing homework. Rice Crispie Treat (For strength) and overflowing up of coffee (for energy) $4.27

Thursday (2)

Well, I bought a car. I guess the next step would probably be to get it registered and get insurance. I made an appointment to meet with the insurance lady (Brittany Chan, office in downtown Minneapolis) at 9am. I have class at 11:45, so that should be more than enough time.

I got to her office early: 8:35. I guess I left too much time for traffic. I'm still a silly small town girl who doesn't understand rush hour, I guess. I was in such a rush to get out the door, I forgot breakfast. Luckily, there's a Dunn Bro's down the street. The one right off the Central Ave Bridge. I wend down there and got a bran muffin, latte with soy and a free white carnation. (Happy Valentine's day!) $6.93

Got back to the office at about 9:10. She still wasn't there, so I called her cell phone. Apparently, she forgot about me and was half way to Coon Rapids for a meeting. Great. We made an appointment to meet later that day. Luckily, my afternoon class was canceled.

Got back to the insurance place at about 2pm. Finally got car insurance and renters insurance. ( A good idea, I figure with the two computers I own, it's probably a good thing to do.) $96.40

Got back in the car to go down to the dmv. There is a dmv in Sears! I didn't know that. Strikes me as a little odd. Got the car registered and got Minnesota plates. $79.50

Sears was having a shoe sale. Picked up some practical black heels for interview. My old pair's heels broke in November. $18 (Yay sale!)

Total: $200.83


As you can see, I've been slacking on the blogging front.
Never fear! My trusty notebook beside me, I'll get everything up yet!

I've had a lot of spending going on lately. New car, getting the new car fixed, getting portfolio stuff together, spring break trip expenses (going to Seattle, yay!), study abroad expenses (going on Travels with Typography, yay!) I'm really stressed about how much money I'm borrowing this semester, but I guess it needs to be done. This whole 4 years of design school is worthless without a beautiful portfolio to go with it.

I guess, I'm trying to say that all the spending I'll be listing for the last 2 weeks of blogging was done grudgingly. There wasn't much. Well there was a lot. Everything was large, necessary purchases. The every day stuff (basically the coffee) is consistent from day to day. I bring my food with me, especially in these past two weeks, and I've cut back on the frivolous food purchases. I'm working of building a professional wardrobe and getting stuff to make my portfolio, as a whole, look nice.