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A Natural Phenomena


Minnehaha Falls is a great phenomena. The Falls itself is a rhythm, the water falls on a beat. The flow of the water curves and contours according to its own energy. The framework, the degree of consisitency that the water runs. The patterns of the forest and natural life around it. The whole place; Minnehaha Falls has its own sense of life and rhythm. Every beat of the rhythm consist of the things that are around Minnehaha Falls. Such as the the path of which the water flows. Without it the water would have no destination and no sense of pattern or spirit. No character would be given to the water becasue it has no contoured path to flow among.


The clockwork of the Falls, its physical matter. It is frozen in the winter time, then its fluid in the summer time. No matter how many repetitions go by, the characcter of the Falls will always remain the same. the Falls "go through changes in a periodic manner and keep returning to the original set of relationships" (Prof. Ozayr Saloojee). The cycle of the falls: running water with green life in the summer time, running water with falling leaves in the autumn season and frozen water with frozen life all around in the winter. That is the basic cycle of the Minnehaha Falls then once summer comes around again the clockwork begins yet once again.


There are many "things" that wraps around the Falls, the life that lives within the surrounding forest. The trees and plant life that grows in the area, all the characteristics that define the Falls are part of its phenomena. To be more clear, the atmosphere and place of the Minnehaha Falls is the phenomenon. This phenomenon impacts the whole Minnehaha Park. Without the Falls there is no sense of belonging for the rest of the place, because the Falls characterizes the park.