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Gallery Visit Assignment

Your first assignment, which is meant to be fun (well they all are actually), is to visit the Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake,
It is located in Plymouth, MN about 20 minutes Northwest of Mpls. Directions can be found on the website.
The project runs from now until February 14th and is open weekends and partially on Wednesday evenings. Weekends are the best time to visit.
Your assignment is to go, have fun and see art followed by writing 500-750 words about the experience to be posted on the class blog. I would encourage you to write about one or several aspects of the experience rather than trying to describe the entire project. Tell us what was your favorite and why.
The writing should be posted on the blog by the beginning of class on Feb 16th, please select the Gallery visit assignment under categories when you post it.
If you want to attach any visuals (photos, drawings &c.) please do.