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Art Shanty

And really, in no other place in the world would someone have thought to put up art shanties on a frozen lake. Gotta love Minnesota.

I have been hearing about the Art Shanties for years now and have friends and acquaintances that have been a part of them, but this year was my first time out there. I went on Saturday the 7th and had a great time. We had a really hard time getting there, I don’t know the suburbs at all and ended up getting lost- but finding National Camera- so I hit two birds with one long drive.

The Shanties were in full swing by the time that I got there and there were a lot of people. Almost too many people, because it was almost impossible to get inside of any of the shanties (unless you really like small spaces with lots of people). So, after waiting our turn, we got to go inside of a few of them. The confessional was great, the 3-story shanty was pretty cool, and I loved the refrigerator shanty and gotta love the dance shanty.

We were also around for one of the qualifying races for the big bicycle races and saw some old friends who were participating in the races, which was fun. It really made me want to get on my bike again, but I’m scared of ice, or really, I’m scared of falling on ice.

Also, I think that we were there on the “art car day” which was fun. Its not often that you get to see all the art cars together, outside of the art car parade, usually just one every once in a while out on the roads. I’m not going to lie, I will admit that having all the cars on the ice really freaked me out, so I tried to steer clear of that area.

Being out on the ice in the middle of winter was especially funny for me when you looked over at the real ice fishers in their real ice shanties and thought about what they must think of us. They must have thought that all of us were totally insane. That made me appreciate the fact that there are people that get so excited to do this every year. It must take a lot of work to set this up, from an idea to really happening and getting people really excited about it.

The dance shanty was one of my favorites because when you walked up, there didn’t seem to be anything going on. Then you open up the door and “whoa, uh, sorry” and close the door back up again. It took me a little while to actually go in and get my dance on. 

All in all, I wish that I had dressed more appropriately and had been able to stay longer. The ice was so slippery that my sneakers were not cutting it and I had forgotten to bring a hat and gloves. It was really cold and windy out there.

Wouldn’t it be cool if this went on in the city instead of out in Plymouth? I think that there would be more participation from a larger community and you wouldn’t have to drive out there. I’m also hoping that someone will do a summertime shanty. I’m not sure what would be in there, but I know it could be cool.