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Art Shanty Projects

I visited the Art Shanties on the last day they were open, so I expected there to be a lot of people checking them out. What I didn’t expect was for almost every shanty to be completely packed! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the shanties. There were so many strangers who were packing themselves into these tiny shanties just to experience art. That in itself was really cool. I wasn’t able to experience every shanty because of how busy they were, but the ones that I was able to check out were really cool. I loved the Confessions Shanty, the fact that it was made to look like a church absolutely delighted me. I kneeled at the “altar? and wrote out my confession, which I will now admit… I read perezhilton.com at least four times a day. After confessing, I walked around the church and read some of the other confessions, which were great. There were some hysterical ones, which I won’t repeat here!
Next I checked out the little dice shanties, where my boyfriend and I played Don’t Break the Ice (a very clever game to be playing while sitting on the middle of a lake!) As we were playing a few little kids opened the door and asked if they could watch us play, they were delighted when I beat my boyfriend and immediately hopped onto the benches so they could have a turn. It was really cool to see the kids out there really enjoying themselves. We attempted to check out some of the other shanties, but found it too difficult to try and squeeze ourselves into the tiny shacks, so instead we just walked around and checked out the exterior architecture.
I thought the submarine shanty was really clever, and the decorated cars were also very fun to see. I really wanted to check out the Snapshot Shanty, but it was closed. As we made our way off the lake we saw one of the movable shanties being pedaled around the lake, which was hysterical, especially when they got bumped off the track and had to all jump out to get it going again. My boyfriend is set on building his next fish house with pedals in it, so he can move it from spot to spot on the lake without his truck. I’m really glad I got to experience the shanties; it was a great, inexpensive way to spend Valentine’s Day. I wish there were more opportunities like this, especially with today’s economic situation. I’ll definitely be going back next year, and hopefully on a day when it’s not so busy!

-Mary Thoemke


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