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Art Shanty Visit

It took me two trips out to Medicine lake to actually see the shanties. The first time it was freezing cold weather and I just looked at the shanties from far away. They almost seemed to be the community of their own. Almost like a fort out in the wilderness, surrounded by emptiness of the ice lake. The second time when I went out to the lake, I actually made it out. The weather helped, it was much warmer this time. I took my mom with me, because it was truly interesting to me to see what she would like and to see her reaction to this project. She enjoys everything odd and extra ordinary.
When we gotten out on the lake, down to the shanties, it reminded me of the game my sister and I used to play when we were little. We used to build made up towns out of found objects and place little figurines to be the citizens of the our created settlements. When my mom and I entered the Art Shanties, it felt like we were transformed into the made up towns where the houses were built of non ordinary objects and the citizens of that town were the artists. These citizens seemed to be very organic with their “houses? that they lived in. Each one of them carried the personality or the issue, or the theme that the “house? carried. The shanties that stuck with us most had actually the artists be more like their idea. For example, Imperial TransAntarctic Expedition with Molly Goldberg, Mary Rothlisberger, and Amber Phelps Bondaroff. The shanty was with the theme of the expedition of Shackleton that was stranded with the crew on the South Pole. The artist themselves really took on the part of the crew. Partly they really did look like the stranded crew at the South Pole due to a natural setting of the ice, the lake and the cold air. Another part of it was that they were all dressed in the retro clothes that gave the whole atmosphere a real feel, like you really did stumble into the living quarters. They talked about the expedition and their lived on the upside down sheep like they really did live there.
Another shanty that made the impression on us and especially my mom was The Third Level Shanty with Peter Sowinski, Lucas Koski, and Sam Koenigsberg. When we entered the shanty it did not seem much. However, when we entered it seemed like you enter into a world of its own. That feeling was mostly given by the atmosphere of the air and the light coming through the walls and the third level. However, mostly it was one of the artists himself. I believe it was Lucas. He was dressed all in white with fancy eyewear and most extravagant white boots. He gave an aura of serenity while he was sitting there with a cup of coffee, all in white, and lazily talking to the visitors.
The art shanties that we visited and the artists who represented their projects created a sort of magical unity, the world of their own. I felt like I went to visit this far away land where everyone had their own magical powers.

By Maia Pavitova