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for Feb 2 class

Read: Chapters 5 and 9
Bring: 1 or 2 rolls of exposed film, negative sleeves and print paper.
Also bring photogram supplies

openings for this weekend

here are some shows for this weekend that I hope to attend, check them out if you get a chance. mnartists.org is a great resource for finding out what is happening arts related in the Twin Cities and Minnesota. You can also open a free account and post your work there.

Artist talk here in Regis.
Shary Boyle
January 28, 7 pm, In-Flux Space
Shary Boyle is a Toronto-based artist whose practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture and performance.

Two great shows opening, the first
Megan Vossler at Franklin Art Works,
Megan does these amazing, huge pencil drawings, this show will be all new work.
Franklin is on Franklin Avenue and 10th, not so far from the West Bank. opening goes from 7-9pm

Sam Hoolihan and Nadine Gross Polaroid
at Gallery 122 in North/southEast
Sam is a grad here and shoots a lot of Polaroid, Nadine is a local artist who has been working with Polaroid for many years. Opening goes from 7-10pm
Gallery 122 at Hang It
122 8th St. SE
Minneapolis, MN
facebook info

Game on at 1419
a group of undergrads and others have a great space called 1419 Washington, in Seven Corners, near the Southern Theater, Townhall etc. Super close to campus.

This show is all about games as an artistic medium and practice, should be fun.

online photo mag from Amsterdam

seems like a cool way to look at photos and hear about what the artists were thinking


here it is, thanks for your input and effort. Review and comment if necessary.

Adam Fuss photograms

a short bit about Adam Fuss from a museum. Plenty of images of his if you google his name.
and of course the wikipedia definition of photogram

Reading from Harrell Fletcher for Jan 26

This is a short reading from Harrell Fletcher on his website.
I think it is inspiring both as a way to think about art and learning, we will talk about it in class, also you can leave a comment here.
When you get to his main page, go to 'Writings' then to 'Some thoughts on art and education'.
Come prepared to point out some part of the reading that makes sense or did not, or any thoughts you may have on art and/or education.

Lockers and Fact Sheet

Info about the Department and Locker Rentallocker rental.doc

Assignment #1: Art Shanty and more


Assignment #1 ADDENDUM
Art Shanty visit
due 2/9/10 - Blog post on your visit to the Art Shanty. Posted by the beginning of class time.
Your assignment is to visit the Art Shanty Projects on Medicine Lake in Plymouth. More info and directions can be found here www.artshantyprojects.org

"A four-weekend exhibition of performance, architecture, science, art, video, literature,
survivalism and karaoke, ASP is part sculpture park, part artist residency and part social
experiment, inspired by traditional ice fishing houses that dot the state's lakes in winter."
You will most likely drive, but it is bike-able and there are on-ice bike races every sat and
sunday at noon, open to everyone. If you do not have a car, make arrangements with a
friend who does. We will also get a carpool list going in class. Also note that it is very close to the Golden Valley National Camera Exchange, the best place to buy used cameras locally.

Bear in mind that the last day of the project is February 7.

While there your mission is to take a few pictures of these things/ideas. This is an exercise and a way to start using your camera. For now just take the pictures and I will give you more info on this later. Interpret these ideas broadly, you can be literal or more abstract, try both. Think about light, one of the great things about photography is how it teaches you to see and notice the world around you.
1. Picture of cold.
2. Picture of snow. (in general when photographing snow, overexpose, more on this later
and see chapter 4)
3. Picture of breath.
Also you will make a blog entry of at least 200 words about your experience, post photos
with that if you like, digital or otherwise.

Total of 5 contact sheets (5 different rolls of film)
5 prints
Due February 23
The first part of the assignment is the blog post/visit to the Art Shanty.
The second part is the addition of two more photos plus shooting 5 rolls of film in total. I am asking you to shoot so many rolls so that you can get a bunch of film through your camera and make sure we solve any technical issues as well as get you practiced in using your cameras. You do not have to make all the images related to the final ones you will turn in. Take pictures of friends, family, events, dogs and cats (just this once) or whatever else you want to point out to us. Bring your camera with you all the time and just use it.

The two prints that I want you to make in addition to the 3 listed above are:
4. Picture with a shallow depth of field. Try to make us super aware of how shallow the depth of field is, try to emphasize depth.
5. Picture of motion. We heard during the Genius of Photo about how taking a picture slices up time. For this one we want a slightly longer slice. You can do this by photographing something fast moving with a shutter speed of 1/125th or slower, or shoot something that is moving more slowly at below a 1/60th. IMPORTANT it is super hard to hand-hold below 1/30th of a second so if you want a slow shutter, plan on checking out a tripod and cable release or using your self timer. I will go over tripods next week, if you want one sooner let me know and I can go over it with you.

You will be graded on technical stuff, such as borders, contrast, density on the prints. Also on your creative fulfillment of the assignment, both as seen in the prints and evidence of you trying various things out on your contact sheets.
The blog post will not receive a letter grade but simply points or no points, must be uploaded to the blog by the beginning of class.


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